The Hateful Eight – Review

Quentin Tarantino never disappoints, The Hateful Eight was a beautiful post-civil war film, set in Wyoming with its main characters, Bounty Hunters finding shelter in a bar during a blizzard. No spoilers here, but I can tell you this episodic mystery was almost “Clue”esq. in its presentation.

I was delighted at scenery. Blown away by Kurt Russel. Jennifer Jason Leigh fantastic in her role and my highlight actor of the film. I felt like I was a patron of the bar. I hung on every word and was surprised by each plot twist.

As with most Tarantino films we received a douse of his humor, which never gets old. I would love a film of his without Samuel L Jackson in it, but if this is the only way we can get Quentin to make them suit Mr. L up!!! The only other thing I can point out is that this film suffers from drag, which isn’t helped by the intermission. I know that is a throwback to better days but I am a modern boy, ready for some closure.

Out of 5 I give The Hateful Eight a 4.1. Great film. Beat for beat a great Tarantino experience.