The Martian – Review


Ridley Scott is a beast of a filmmaker but even beasts have bad outings. In Hollywood you’re either in or out. Mr. Scott was on the ropes with bombs like The Counselor and Exodus: Gods and Kings. Could the man who launched the Alienfranchise, brought us to tears with Gladiator, chilled us with American Gangsta could this man really be on his last leg with The Martian?

The answer is… we will never know because The Martian is stellar work of art. From top to bottom the film has few holes, flows perfectly, and had a fun, adventurous, and endearing quality that few films would even attempt. There are moment in the film where you would have tears streaming down your face just to burst out in laughter because Matt Damon delivered a line with such an uplifting levity that you couldn’t help yourself.

There were two movies going on in The Martian, The Rescue, and The One Man Show. Matt Damon carried this film better at times than Tom Hanks in similar desolate abandon film Castaway.


From Sean Bean, to Jeff Daniels, to Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Jessica Chastain just to name a few anchored the rescue part of the film. There are too many good to great performances to count. Not to mention the scope of beauty of the sets themselves. The countless folks that worked behind the scenes building sets and generating graphics deserve a pat on the back because I completely forgot about Gravity. To me Gravity is the Need for Speed to the Martians Fast and the Furious. There is no comparison. The Martian is simply a fantastic movie.

No question a 5 out of 5 I suggest you watch this movie twice. It is that good.