We know you can hardly wait til Christmas season is upon us, so we figured, why not make CHRISTMAS COME EARLY?? We’re teaming up with Kevin Cohen Plumbing to get you hooked up with $99 of Christmas Cash EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY!

 You’re listening for the KOOL Christmas Cash songs of the day at 8:15am with Bob and Sheri, 11:15am with Andy, and 2:15 with Barry – make sure you remember ALL 3 SONGS because sometime before 5p Barry will ask you to call in and tell him that day’s songs… if you can name all 3 successfully, you will instantly score $99! If you cannot name all 3 songs, the money rolls on to the next day for an even bigger jackpot!!

*one winner per household please

It’s all thanks to Kevin Cohen Plumbing! With 24 service, you can keep it flowin’ with help from Kevin Cohen! Check them out online HERE!